The Young Person's Guide To Chamber Music.

Wigmore Hall schools music & animation project involving 4 primary schools groups.  Each were asked the question 'what is chamber music?'.  The children drew inspiration from musicians they met & listened to, wrote stories, made characters, backgrounds & props and created the music & animation. 

The pupils from Barrow Hill Primary were inspired by singer Jodie Devos & pianist Katharina Thöni's interpretations of Mozart's Als Luise die Briefe & Fauré's Notre Amour.  The children used hand-drawn animation to explore animated characters in fantasy settings: a couple waltz in New York's Central Park, a unicorn gallops across a fantasy landscape, a deep-sea diver becomes at one with the sea creatures under water & a dog flies over Planet Music.

Workshops led by composer Rus Nygård-Pearson and artist Reza Ben Gajra.

Wigmore Hall Learning in partnership with Lambeth City Learning Centre.




            Animations 2012-16                                                                 



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